Property Conversions

Remarkable Property Conversions

We have to admit, Conversion Projects are a bit of a favourite of ours! We’ve converted Churches, Offices, Basements, Lofts… a ‘Ragged Boys School’…. Each project presents its own challenges and those challenges get more interesting once the building in question has ‘Listed’ status but with consideration, planning and a good team, the end result is always special.

Here is where a mention goes to our trusted Consultant Engineer, Bob Atkinson – as with New Build Projects, getting the right Architect and Builder is vital to the overall project but in our experience, having an Engineer of Bob’s experience makes the difficult easy and the impossible possible, while his mantra of “just because we can do something, doesn’t always mean we should” has helped greatly in designing projects to fit available budgets.

If you have a conversion project we would love to hear from you, no matter how early in the process you are, we’re more than happy to give an opinion, a quote or carry out a basic viability study with you, who knows – that old pumping station you love could be your new home!

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